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The steaks at Chase Steakhouse

High quality and diversity

Steak dinner in Würzburg? Chase Steakhouse is the best choice here. Because we offer you a large selection of the highest quality steaks and have them prepared for you by our trained chefs. We rely on fresh ingredients that are combined to create a perfect taste experience. However, we not only offer different types of preparation, but also different types of meat and cuts.


The different types of steak at Chase Steakhouse

Which part of the beef the piece of meat that is processed into a steak comes from is the decisive question when making a selection. Beef fillet is the most tender, but other types of steak can also be very tender in texture. A strong marbling, a fat core or a fat edge will make your steak nice and juicy.

Which piece of meat you like best when you eat your steak in Würzburg is really a matter of taste and individual preference.

Enjoy prime beef in the restaurant

We make the dream of the tenderest beef come true. We serve US Black Angus Beef from Creekhouse Farms, real American Prime Beef. Because the highest quality meat starts with the rearing. Our prime beef from the USA comes from the Great Plains, Cattle Country, which is known for its consistently high meat quality. The Black Angus cattle are fed on maize, and of course no growth hormones or antibiotics are used. This is the only way to make the meat succulently tender and give it its uniquely intense flavor.

We guarantee the best meat taste, because our American beef is USDA PRIME-certified.


What does USDA-PRIME mean?

The United States Department of Agriculture controls the rearing of the cattle and certifies the meat produced. The USDA labels are therefore a guarantee for high-quality American beef.

A distinction is made between USDA Select, USDA Choice and USDA Prime. Prime certification is only awarded to first-class beef from young cattle reared in a species-appropriate manner. The meat must also taste intense and have the highest degree of marbling. Incidentally, the sale of USDA Prime Beef is reserved for restaurants and hotels.

  • species-appropriate rearing
  • intense meat flavor
  • Highest degree of marbling

The CHASE Steakhouse serves you USDA-PRIME BEEF. You can enjoy a unique steak taste in top quality!


The different cuts
of our steaks in Würzburg

The classic steak cuts come from the back of the beef. Strictly speaking, from the part that lies between the leg and the shoulder. This part is called roast beef. This is also where the fillet from the inner loin muscle is found and therefore the finest cut. Excellent steaks can also be cut from the shoulder, the extended back and the neck. Each cut has very special properties and a very special taste. The taste depends on the fat content.

Steak cuts at Chase Steakhouse: don't lose the overview

If you are unsure which cut of steak best suits your taste when eating steak in Würzburg, you are welcome to speak to our staff and ask for advice.

Rump steaks at Chase Steakhouse: steaks cooked to perfection

The classic

Rump steak is a classic among steaks and is one of the most popular steaks because of its good price-performance ratio. It is cut from the roast beef and never has bones. It is well marbled, but has no fat core. It is nevertheless juicy, as it has a fatty edge instead. The fat edge makes a rump steak juicy and gives it an intense flavor.


Rib eye steak at Chase Steakhouse

With the typical fat eye

To get the best flavor out of your steak, we recommend the "medium rare" cooking level. This is the perfect cooking point to taste the unique flavor of high-quality beef. As a rule, we don't cook any meat - whether steak or not - all the way through.

Rib eye steaks come exclusively from beef and are cut boneless. Compared to fillet of beef, these steaks are characterized by their stronger marbling. The fat eye in the middle makes rib eye steaks particularly tender and juicy and gives them an excellent flavor.

Fillet of beef at Chase Steakhouse

For connoisseurs

The finest and most expensive meat is fillet of beef. It is particularly tender, as it is cut from the club-shaped muscle cord, which is hardly used by the animal. This muscle cord runs along both sides of the spine in the lumbar region of the cow.


Steak in Würzburg

How steaks are prepared at Chase Steakhouse

Steak in Würzburg has long been one of the most popular dishes among all lovers of good food. Good steaks are carefully prepared. The first step is to choose a good piece of meat. The correct core temperature must also be monitored so that the optimum cooking point is reached. This core temperature determines whether your Würzburg steak is cooked rare or medium.

Everyone's taste is different, so at Chase Steakhouse you will be asked how you prefer your steak. We recommend the "medium rare" cooking level. Here the meat is between rare ("bloody") and medium ("half-cooked") and, in our experience, develops its flavor best. We deliberately refrain from cooking them all the way through. Because a steak that is served "well done" is tough and cannot convey the inherent flavor of a piece of meat that is actually of excellent quality.

Steaks and beef fillets are usually grilled for a short time at a high temperature and then left to rest at a low cooking cabinet temperature until they have reached the desired degree of doneness.


Best quality from overseas

At Chase Steakhouse we only use meat from cattle of international origin. The so-called non-hormone-treated cattle is characterized by its high quality. The cattle from which our meat originates are reared without the addition of hormones and are fed with natural feed, which is ultimately reflected in the taste. So when you eat a steak with us in Würzburg, we only serve you the best quality. We source our meat from cattle breeders in the USA, Australia, Spain and the rest of the world.


Wagyu Kobe Beef and Kobe Beef

We offer Wagyu Kobe Beef and Kobe Beef as absolute highlights for all meat connoisseurs. Kobe Beef comes from Tajima beef, a domestic cattle breed found in the Kobe region of Japan. Wagyu Kobe Beef comes from the Wagyu breed of cattle, which is bred exclusively in the Kobe region. A true rarity. Kobe Beef is characterized by its fine marbling with thin veins of fat and a crumbly texture. You will not find stronger marbling in any other beef. It has only been possible to import the meat into the EU since 2014, and it is still difficult to find in restaurants. If you fancy a very special steak meal in Würzburg, then convince yourself of our selection and quality at Chase Steakhouse!

Whether rump steak, rib eye steak or fillet: if you want to enjoy excellent steak in Würzburg, you are guaranteed to find the right dish with us! The Chase Steakhouse is the first address for steak in Würzburg!

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