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We don't just make steaks.

We make the best steak. And that includes Kobe Beef.

In its country of origin, Japan, kobe is served as wafer-thin slices of meat in shabu shabu, is also grilled thinly sliced for seconds over charcoal or ends up as a flambéed topping on sushi rice.

Prepared with a lot of knowledge and love, we serve it as a steak. You can enjoy the best Kobe meat in Würzburg at the CHASE Steakhouse restaurant.

Kobe Fett auf Grill

What is Kobe beef?

Kobe is the champagne of beef for several reasons. First of all, Kobe is a black cattle, a so-called Tajima cattle with a protected designation of origin. Only purebred Tajima cattle from the Japanese prefecture of Hyogo with its administrative center in Kobe may bear this designation.

The meat is also incomparable and something very special: the fat content is well over 50%, making it gigantically high. This is normally around 5%. This means that this meat reaches the highest marbling level of 12. The fat of the Kobe beef melts at 25 degrees. This means that Kobe beef can be classified as the juiciest in the world. The texture is unique and definitely a reason to try this meat at least once in your life.

Wagyu Kühe auf der Weide

Wagyu and Kobe? This is what the terms mean

"Wagyū" translates as"Japanese cattle", which is made up of "wa - Japan(er)/Japanese" and "gyū - cattle". Another special feature of these Wagyu cattle is that they have hardly undergone any crossbreeding in their long history.

For centuries, until about 150 years ago, they were used exclusively as work animals in the rice fields.

Kōbe-gyū", or Kobe cattle, refers to cattle from the Japanese prefecture of "Honshū" with the administrative center "Kōbe-shi". They are born, reared and slaughtered here.

Original Wagyu can therefore be bred in Franconia. We can only source Original Kobe from the Kobe region of origin.

Eating Kobe meat in a restaurant? Chase Steakhouse makes it possible

Have you always wanted to try a Kobe fillet or a Kobe steak? Eating the finest Wagyu beef in Franconia, is that possible? At CHASE Steakhouse we serve you only the best of the best and offer exclusively gourmet meat. We pay particular attention to the origin of the animals and how they are kept.

High-quality products and skillful preparation - every meat lover gets their money's worth with us. You've come to the right place if you want to eat Wagyu steak!

!meshi agare - bon appétit.

Wagyu Steak

By the way:

Wagyu beef is particularly filling due to its very high degree of marbling. We only serve Wagyu medium to medium rare.

Is your mouth watering now? Let your thoughts of the finest Wagyu Kobe come true and reserve a place with us directly at Chase Steakhouse.

Frequently asked questions about Wagyu and Kobe meat

As Kobe cattle are not given growth hormones or antibiotics, but are reared on natural pastures, they are smaller and lighter than other cattle. They also take around three times as long as conventional cattle to reach adulthood. This makes keeping them more complex. In addition, the origin of the meat is limited to a specific region. The quantity to be exported is therefore limited. All this makes the meat of Kobe cattle more expensive and so exclusive.

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