Eating out in Würzburg: Steak at it's best at Chase Steakhouse

The top address for the finest steaks in the region

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Eat well at Chase Steakhouse

Exceptionally pleasant atmosphere

Würzburg has plenty of culinary delights to offer. The Chase Steakhouse in Würzburg stands for first-class American food and full-bodied, tasty wines. In addition, we offer excellent customer service, and as a restaurant we have made it our mission to fulfill the expectations of our guests in the best possible way. Eating well in Würzburg? The Chase Steakhouse is perfect for this.

Tischgedeck im Chase Steackhouse Würzburg
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Gastronomy in Würzburg

Outstanding quality

Würzburg has countless restaurants and cafés. When the weather is sunny, numerous wine festivals entice visitors to taste Würzburg wine. The Chase Steakhouse is a culinary highlight after a visit to a wine festival. Our stylishly furnished rooms are the perfect place to relax. Eat well in Würzburg in an absolute feel-good atmosphere! In good weather, the outdoor area can also be used.

Eating well in Würzburg

Steaks and more

Steak lovers in particular get their money's worth at the Chase Steakhouse. The range includes a wide variety of cuts. American steaks differ from German steaks because they are cut differently to begin with. In America, the entire back of the beef is used for steaks. The individual cuts differ in their marbling, fat content and flavor.

Diamond Label Prime Fillet

Black Angus, Certified,
delicious and tender as butter

Diamond Label rump steak

Black Angus, Certified with the
Fat rim for connoisseurs

Diamond Label Rib Eye

With the fat eye that
gives the taste


US Rib Eye

With the fat eye that gives him the

US Prime Fillet

Delicious and buttery on the palate.

Uruguay fillet

Black Angus, particularly lean and tender.

Our cooking levels

The Chase Steakhouse naturally offers a choice of preparation methods. With one caveat: we deliberately do not use the Well Done cooking level. This causes the meat to completely lose its flavor and become tough.


Rare is also called "English" and is only seared on the outside. This means that the steak has a nice crust with roasted aromas on the outside, is pink on the inside and has a rare center. A 200 g steak is cooked for just two minutes on each side.

Medium Rare

With this method of preparation, the steak is medium rare but still very pink on the inside.


Medium is similar to medium rare, but is cooked a little more thoroughly. Nevertheless, the meat must still be very pink on the inside. For a 200 g steak, the cooking time for this is four minutes per side.

Medium well

Only the center of the medium well is slightly pink.

Eating out in Würzburg

What's on offer at the Chase Steakhouse

If you like, you can start with a cocktail or an aperitif at the Chase Steakhouse. Then an appetizer is ordered. Of course, the cocktail or starter is not compulsory. But the selection on the menu has already made many a connoisseur weak. For example, choose a classic starter salad or a goat's cream cheese garnished with fig mustard.

Coke is the best-known soft drink in the USA

Also with us in the Chase

The best known and most popular soft drink at Chase Steakhouse is the Coke. If you like, you can enjoy your soft drinks with lots of ice, as is typical in America. Because in America, a drink is only good when it is very, very cold. The glass is almost completely filled with crushed, crushed ice before the actual drink is poured into the glass. Iced tea is also very popular. Eat well in Würzburg - at Chase Steakhouse we ensure a well-rounded restaurant experience!


Combine Chase Steakhouse visit with Chase Bar

Quite simply through the connecting corridor

In America, it is customary to either go to a bar after dinner or sit in a lobby and chat with the guests. For this reason, there is also a cocktail bar attached to the Chase Steakhouse, which can be reached via a direct connecting corridor. First eat well in Würzburg at the Chase Steakhouse and then enjoy a delicious cocktail in the Chase Bar.

The Chase Bar offers you an extensive drinks menu with cocktail creations from all over the world as well as a selection of whiskey and brandy.

First-class international
Enjoy wines at Chase Steakhouse

Exclusive selection

The wine list at Chase Steakhouse is almost legendary. There are Franconian wines, of course, but also many international wines. Including some from the USA. America is now one of the leading wine-growing regions. Wines from California are particularly popular, specifically from the Napa Valley, which is known for its high-quality wines.

There are no wine classifications in America as there are in Germany.


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